Best practices for remote team management in 2022

Remote Team Management

It’s 2022 where we have passed the Covid-19 period when offices, educational institutions were abruptly closed, people were stuck at their homes, that was the time when millions of employed people started working remotely. This teleworking becomes a new trend that has shown  Till today the number of remote employees is increasing day by day due to which remote team management is now a challenge for the company owners and managers. More companies are shifting to work from the home environment for greater productivity and more profit. 

Businesses all over the world these days are switching to remote-work initiatives. Companies and employees are inclined towards the remote work culture, all due to the numerous advancements in technology. Due to this increasingly  popular trend of working remotely, hiring isn’t not restricted to a single city, but open to multiple cities, states and countries all to find the right person for the job. This has opened vast opportunities for people looking for a role or someone with 5 years of experience who wants to move abroad for a job with more perks. But also it is now crucial for companies to understand the ways of remote team management. The more practices are inherited in the organization the more peaceful environment it will create.

Just like any company who faces challenges in supervising onsite teams, there are different challenges in handling remote teams as well. A whole new approach is needed for managing a flexible workplace because the challenges are completely different. We’ll be looking forward to discussing the challenges and as a manager or a team lead, what are the best ways to manage your remote team working from anywhere in the world with high standards of productivity. 


You have heard about the compliments of working remotely, but it has drawbacks as well. As a company the challenges you face depends upon some aspects of the approach of working you follows:

  • The type of tools used for employee management
  • What kind of services are provided by the company
  • Do your clients need onsite support?
  • The structure of the company and team size
  •  Most importantly, the remote work model is completely remote or hybrid.

It will be a pretty exhaustive task to list down the challenges in general. There are main challenges that every remote company faces:

Need of proper communication ~ When all the employees are working from their home, communicating to discuss tasks with your teammates or leads and meetings with the clients will be done online. These interactions can take hours to conclude. Also the whole day 90% of the communication is nonverbal, when you are not working from the same office communication gaps will occur.

Employee Performance Track ~ For a manager it is important to make sure that their  employees are actually working, completing all the assigned tasks and working their complete shift. But this is not a straightforward  job to do. To track working hours HR software is required with maximum features that will help the managers to record performance.

Difference in Time Zones ~ One of the biggest challenges in the remote working environment is scheduling a meeting with employees living in different countries in different time zones. Two employees in different countries living a few hours apart have to be present in the meeting organized online by the third employee or manager living in another country. There are many ways to avoid such complex situations which will create an easy environment for all employees.


  1. Using the accurate tools

If you are managing a remote team working from anywhere in the world using no softwares or tools for tracking this might block true productivity. There are many softwares available in the market which you can deploy in your organization for the tracking of working hours, employee details and payroll process. You need to select tools and softwares for the company’s internal communication, project/task management and external or client communication.  

  1. Create clear processes

As all employees are working from different areas, create SOPs, rules and regulations for every process, document it and share with everyone. Either it is about work shifts, deadlines or payroll processes shared with all the employees at the right time. Due to this activity, managers will not have to waste hours explaining to their teams about such things. This activity will consume time at the start but it will save hours in the long run.

  1. Deploy HR Software

Choose the best HR software, an endless solution for the organization handling employee’s personal data, HR & benefits, time and attendance, leave and loan deduction and management and most importantly payroll process. An HR software with mobile application integrated will help all the employees to mark time in and time out from anywhere in the world.

  1.  Well Planned Employee Management

Next in line, HR processes include employee management  to be done proficiently. When you can add all the records of your workforce in the software, and reduce the backbreaking work and time to oversee the administrator tasks. This will result in prosperity and satisfaction in the company. In this work from home environment, smooth managing of employees will help in remote team management

  1. Increased Productivity an ultimate goal

For any team the main purpose is to be productive, complete projects before deadlines. This productivity standard is not only for onsite teams but also for remote employees as well. You need to hire, on board and train new employees in an organized way. There is the best HR software in the market to help you with  these processes. You need to make sure every document is accessible to every individual employee. Once things are streamlined, you will understand that deploying a human resource software is not an extravagance, it’s a necessity. A necessity to be a profitable organization in the market with a great reputation and great work environment for the employees.


In Pakistan, Teamsuite is the best HR software enabling HR teams of small or large companies to perform all the HR tasks through single software abolishing all the paperwork. You can manage your teams effortlessly from recruitment to retirement. Teamsuite is the HR solution which can manage a company’s Payroll and HR including attendance, loan, bonus, gratuity, expense, full & final settlement, and statutory & compliance reports  with easy to understand interface.

Time and attendance management is one of the most important features of HR softwares, Teamsuite handles this very well and has eliminated all the manual reconciliations of calculations of each employee. Payrolls will be managed of employees working in the fields, overtime or casual office 9 to 5.

Teamsuite as an HR solution provides leave management, loan management and travel expense management with proficiency.

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